How to avoid ambiguety on Ctrl+Click feature?


I use 2 useful komodo features, they are both Ctrl+Click

The first one is the multi-caret, I love it!
The second one is “go to definition” when I click over a variable, so efficient.

The problem is, I can not do both near of a variable, like renaming 3 variables using multi caret, because when I ctrl+click the second variable, I lose the caret and go to definition.

This pic shows what i can NOT do enabling both features.

My question is… there is any way to edit these commands?

For example, use Ctrl+Click for multi-caret and Ctrl+Shift+Click to go to definition.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, sorry to say that there is currently no way to avoid ambiguity :frowning: They are mutually exclusive features. If you want Ctrl+Click to always add an additional caret, you’ll have to turn off Ctrl+Click Go to Definition (and perhaps get used to using a key shortcut or right-click -> Go To Definition).

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You could use Ctrl + D to select the variables too. It’s not a specific as placing a cursor exactly where you want it but it could possibly do the trick?

  • Carey
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