How To apply syntax styling/highlighting to JS Variables


I am trying to get Komodo highlighting the Variables in JavaScript, but when editing the Color Scheme there is no option for that. Doesnt Komodo support a proper syntax highlighting for Javascript? That would be pretty sad :confused:

Same for Methods, that are known etc. would be great. The Hightlighting in general seems a bit poor.


Note you want to toggle “Show Advanced” at the bottom left of the preference window to access language individual syntax options.

I believe the setting you’re looking for (highlighting matching variables) is under Color Scheme > Indicators > Soft Characters.

Thanks so far!
That would be helpful too, i dont get it working though. It simply doesnt change anything :confused: The Sample Text doesnt show anything for Soft Characters too.

WHat I actually meant tho was highlighting in Syntax.

As an Example:


even something like here in the forum is what i am searching for. The “document” gets another color because its a built in js variable. If now Methods like “getElementById” would be colored as well (as they are common too) that would be awesome :smile:

UPDATE: Just found out that what you were referring to is a highlighting of auot-cloding of ( { […
What you probably meant was “Tag matching”. That already helped now, but i am still missing the highlighting of common variables/methods

Gotcha, this is currently not possible unfortunately. It was slated for 9.3 but we ended up having to push it to 9.4 or 10 as our internal codeintel functionality depends on this functionality, and thus it is not as simple as simply coloring some elements a different color. It is definitely on our roadmap though.