How to always comment like /*this*/?

There is any way to do it?

I use the “Code: Comment Region” key binding, this command turn: a selected text in a comment /like this/, but when I select a full line or more than one line it turn it into

// something
// like
// this

is not what I want if I select 200 lines, I want a /* on the top and a */ at the bottom

There is any way to do it with any Komodo options or I need to use an snippet or userscript?

Unfortunately this is not something Komodo currently allows you to configure, you’d have to use a userscript.

If anyone is looking for a solution, I found a simple way to do it setting both characters as delimiters:

Preferences > Editor > Smart Editing > Wrap Selection with… > Delimiters: */


So, when I select some lines of code, press / and then * wraps those lines between /* and */.


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