How to add language autocomplete

(Let us hope, i’m posting this in the right place …)


i’m on KomodoEdit 8.5.3.

in the preferences / Languages : you can add personals files for komodo’s auto completion.

=> for example, PHP : i’ve added 2 files with all my classes/methods.
it works fine…

you can do this for JS, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python, Python 3, Ruby, HTML, XML and ActionScript.

=> is it possible to add a language so i can add others files ?
==> i’d like to add CSS containing all my styles, so when i add a class=" (in html) it proposes all my personal css classes …


The first can be done through Project > New From Template > Create Komodo Language. Note this is not the same as the regular languages. There isn’t any code intel scanning involved. You provide keywords for the language.

The second has been requested here: CSS hints in HTML files.

  • Carey