How to access data bases in MySQL with PHP scripts

I have tried to access the databases I have set up in MySQL with PHP scripts thus $connection=mysqli_connect(“localhost”, “publications”,“root”,"") :
i.e. I am using Wampserver’s default password of blank and I am connecting to the publications database with the default user name of root.
I am getting this error message , " Access denied to user root @localhost using password YES" or “using password NO.”
I have not used either the YES or the NO password in my PHP script.
Research on Google tells me that I need to edit some lines in the file.
I have used the path :C:/wamp/apps/phpAdmin/themes/ but the file is nowhere to be seen.
I need help in how to get to the file or a work around the error messages to gain access to my databases using PHP scripts.


Your question would be better asked on a site like, these forums are intended for Komodo specific support, not language support.

That said I’d recommend you read up on PHP’s MySQL documentation. The references you found to are likely framework specific, and from what it sounds like you are just looking at the general implementation of database connections, which is unrelated to frameworks.

Btw “using password YES/NO” simply means whether or not you provided a password or not. It’s not saying you used the literal password “YES” or “NO”.

It kind of sounds like you’re just using the wrong login information. Possibly you are giving the argument in the wrong order? Try

$connection=mysqli_connect("localhost", "root","", "publications") :

Database name being the last argument.

Yes the arugements were in the wrong order. I was also putting a space between the pair of double quotes to indicate a blank password.
I am in business and ready to go once again. Thanks for your help.