How easy would it be to add tab pinning?

How easy would it be to add tab pinning, like in Firefox? I mean from a technical perspective? Anyone have any insight?

I think you must create a project. It’s can save your workspace and tabs, when you close and open Komodo.

Wouldn’t be that difficult really, we’d just want to save a tab so that its opened each time Komodo is and style the tab slightly differently. This could all easily be done with a macro. I might have a go at it this Friday, unless someone beats me to it.


Macro Friday? :smile:

Well believe it or not but most Macro Monday macro’s are not actually developed on Monday… :wink:

Huh :smiley:
I save this phrase for answer to my friends :smile:

What about shrinking the width of the tab? Can this be done with a macro?

Sure - though it’s better done via CSS - here are two versions of tab tweaking: