How does one type the NULL control character in Komodo IDE?

Simple question, can’t seem to find a way to get a null character in Komodo without using some external Hex editor, which is a major pain. “Enter Next Character as Raw Literal” can type many control characters – for ASCII 1-27, it does just fine. However I can’t type 0 (NULL) which is what I really need, and the following (which I don’t really need atm): 30-31,127. (GS and FS (28-29) took a heck of a lot of trial and error to find)

You could simply create a Userscript (from the Toolbox) with the following contents:


I’m not sure why copy pasting a NULL character doesnt work. @mitchell any idea?

It’s quite likely that pasted text is nul-terminated. If that’s the case, then pasting NUL bytes will not work.