How do you rurn off the automatic check for updates in 9.3.1

The new version of Komodo is asking me if I want do do the download but there’s no option to turn off checking that I can find. Does anyone know how to turn if off?

There is no UI option for it, but you could manually turn them off using these instructions:…


Is there a particular reason you’re not upgrading? Please let us know. We’re not aware of any issues preventing our users from wanting to upgrade.

  • Carey

Thanks nathanr. That worked.

Hi Carey,

I don’t allow any applications to automatically check for or apply updates. I never have. I don’t even let Windows do it. I actually keep the update service disabled because Windows has a habit of applying updates even if you’ve got the option to check for updates turned off.

I could go into a very long rant on the reasons and you would probably disagree with them but I really really hate this trend.

While I’ve got you, your update prompt doesn’t have the option to stop reminding me. The only choices are “Update” or “Ask me later”. I can’t tell you how much that kind of thing irritates me. You’re program is saying that you’re going to just keep hounding me until I update regardless of how I feel about it. It seriously makes me want to stop using the software altogether.

I like Komodo and have been a customer for a long time but I also have Pycharm and Wing. The update harassment gives me a very strong incentive to switch my main development tool.

One the bright side, I really appreciate your asking. I don’t know if you can do anything about it but it’s nice to know that someone at least cares. Thanks.

Joe G.

P.S. If there is a new update, just send out an email. I’ll check it out and decide if I want to update to the new version

You’re philosophy is your own. I just want make sure there isn’t something keeping you from upgrading bug wise.

Feel free to file an enhancement request as you clearly feel very strongly about this:

We email/tweet/facebook/reddit/etc. when we do a release. If you’re not hearing about them then I recommend you at least follow us on Twitter. Whatever media option you like really, it’s up to you.

  • Carey