How do you run SSH commands in Komodo Edit?

Is it possible to execute SSH commands in Komodo Edit such as connecting to the server, adding, committing, tagging files, ls, cd, pwd, chmod, rm, and other such commands? If so how may this be done? Thanks!

There is a macro for this:

Give that a try and see if that’s what you’re looking for.

  • Carey

Thanks Carey! I’ve tried it and it doesn’t seem to do what I want. It seems like it just does this:
“This macro is currently set up to execute a single command, “ls -la”, on the remote machine.”

Also I have cmd.exe on a Windows machine that has SSH enabled on it. I had thought I’d be able to run cmd in “Tools”->“Run Command”. cmd does run, but SSH does not work somehow. Here’s the message I get:

“3 [main] ssh 21852 tty_list::allocate_tty: No tty allocated
Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal.”

Not sure if that helps.

This is not true. I updated this macro long time ago to support any command. Once you run it you get a prompt window where you can write your command or leave it empty to run ls -la

Ah maybe I’m just not using it right. I did get the input box for typing in a command. I typed ssh but I didn’t get anything after that. I was expecting to be prompted for my password, and then be able to use other commands after I get in. I also tried the “ls” command and nothing happened.

Ehh, this macro is outdated…
Anyway to get this macro working, first you have to create an account in Prefs - Servers. Next you have to open a remote file (Click on gear icon here: , then Open Remote File). Then run this macro and put a command that you want to execute on a remote server (if you get an error, just open a remote file). Open bottom pane and find remote command label - hover on an item with this label - this is the oputput of the command.

It sounds like you’re asking to run an SSH terminal from Komodo, not just run commands.

There have been a few projects that strived to implement this, though none are finalized, mostly because those who started them (myself being one of them) didnt have the time.

Here’s the unfinished projects:

Ah I see. Yes I think I am looking for an SSH terminal from Komodo. I guess my forum topic title was misleading. I wasn’t sure how to describe what I wanted. That’s fine though. I don’t mind not having it if it hasn’t been completed. I was just wondering if it was available to make work flow more easily, especially when there’s multiple projects going on at once.

If you don’t mind - I’ll try to do something with the first add-on (by you)

Have at it. The main things I was aiming to do still were:

  • Package butterfly and launch it automatically
  • Create terminal tabs (you would probably want more than 1 terminal window)

Ehh, I don’t understand what it means…

My addon depends on this project:

Currently you need to download, install and start it manually.