How do you hide the type of file in the file tab title?

In Komodo 9.0.1, latest build from April/15, in the file tab title, the type of file is indicated. In my case this is redundant information: all the files (containing the programs I write) have the same “type of file”. In Komodo 8, this information is not shown. So is there a way to hide this type of file information that indcates the title of the file tab? Thanks

Hey @ecterrab,

Are you talking about the file icon in the file tab in the editor area? That has always been there including Komodo 8 and beyond. Please share a screenshot if we’re not talking about the same thing.

  • Carey

Here are the two screenshots, first with Komodo 8, latest build, then Komodo 9 also latest build. So this is Komodo 8:

And this is Komodo 9 with the “TXT” in all the file tables that I prefer to hide (you see they look redundant in the screen shot):

Looking now I also see that in Komodo 8 an icon is displayed, somehow it didn’t look to my eyes as redundant (thinking now, it is a bit redundant as well), but the “TXT” looks more redudant. If there is an option to hide it I would hide it.

If you install the Stylish add-on, you can add the following CSS there to remove those icons{
    display: none;
  • Carey

@ecterrab There was some discussion between a couple of us in a previous thread here in the forums (see Feedback on Komodo IDE v9 UI) during the development of v9 about the new filetype icons that you might find interesting, at least in terms of some of the ideas bounced back and forth (although you will have wade through some other unrelated UI topics there).

I, too, don’t find that the new filetype icons offer much for me, based in part on how the files within my projects are organized, in part on how the icons are implemented within Komodo, and in part on how I configure Komodo (I don’t show editor tabs, for instance and use the “Open Files” widget grouped by file type). The “Places” widget does allow turning off icons, although the “Open Files” widget does not.

I’ve not played with the Stylish add-on but it may be the easiest way in the short-term to turn off the new icons entirely. I’d like to see an approach to turning on/off the filetype icons throughout the editor within the preferences.

I mean if you’re going to say icons are redundant because the info is already in the extension then file icons just probably aren’t for you -period-.

File icons are fairly redundant, they just make it “easier” or “faster” to observe the file type.

Redundancy is not always bad.

Indeed, redundancy is not always bad. But, generally speaking, redundancy is not convenient, so the best thing in such cases, I think, is to offer an option. I realize of course that you all are the gurus of Programming Editors but I write programs myself too, including the interface, used across the countries/universities, and face this situation with some frequency. My suggestion then is to make your preferred option be the default and offer the redundant-convenience as an option, or the other way around.

I read as well that installing the Stylish add-on would allow me to workaround - it would be a solution for me. Still I think that an option for everybody is better. In fact I searched the Preferences pane looking for this option before posting here.

Fair point - we’re all about customization. I’ll add an option to disable file icons across the IDE.

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