How do you execute virtualenv python interpreter with Run Command in Komodo Edit

I’m running Komodo Edit, version 9.0.1

I’ve created a project.

Under Project Preferences->Languages->Python I’ve added my virtualenv python interpreter as Default Python Interpreter

I saved the changes, and restarted Komodo Edit.

But then, when I go Tool->Run Command and run “which python”, i still get the output “/usr/bin/python” instead of the virtualenv interpreter (I’m on OS X 10.10.2)

What can I do to fix this problem. Is it a bug?

The interpreter you configure is only used when directly invoked using a relevant tool or using the variable (ie. %(python)). It sounds like what you want is to configure your PATH, you can do this under Prefs > Environment.

I guess I lack some context. When i search Komodo Edit help files, I see no obvious reference to “using tools”, “set PATH”, etc. Also, under Prefs there is no Environment.

Could you help me out with a link to get me started reading about some of these things? Thanks for your help, much appreciated. :smile:

Sure thing, check out:

And documentation on the PATH environment variable: