How do I get calltips without autocomplete

Hi, I’m writing in Perl using Komodo edit, and I’d like to be able to turn off autocomplete and still get calltips. Is this possible?

Curiously, if I uncheck the “Enable auto-abbreviations with trigger characters” box, I get exactly what I want (calltips appear, but no autocompleting), but it only lasts until I close Komodo Edit; then I get neither autocompleting nor calltips after I reopen the program.

There is no preference for enable calltips, but disable completions (it’s an all or nothing setting).

However, you might be interested in the Code > CodeIntel Completions command (Ctrl+J on Windows/Linux), which can offer completions and/or calltips on demand. So you could disable the automatic completions/calltips in the Komodo preferences, and then invoke it on demand as you need.


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I am interested in that, thanks! That does what I want just fine.