How do I get a list of all the functions defined in a file to appear in the left hand column?

For some reason the button that makes a list of functions appear in the left hand column has disappeared. I’m left with the buttons for collaboration, databases, open files, and locations:

How can I get the list of functions back?

Hi @Jim,

I think you mean View menu > Tabs & Sidebars > Code. You may have reset your profile recently which would put the code browser into it’s default position in the right pane.

  • Carey

Note you can move the widget by right clicking the tab and going to “Move to Pane”, or by hitting “Customize”.

Thank you, @careyh and @nathanr! For some reason the code browser had moved to the right pane, which I never have open; I’ve now moved it back to the left pane :smile:

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