How do I add a custom word in spell check when there's no suggestions?

I’m using Komodo IDE 9.2.0, in-line spell checking. In the right-click menu, when there are suggestions for an unknown word you can select “ignore”. When there are are no suggestions there is no “ignore” option:

How do I add unknown words to the “ignore” list when there are no suggestions? Adding them to Preferences/Syntax…/Spell Checking/Ignored Words is too time consuming.

If there’s no built-in solution can this be done with macros? Some related information is here.

Also, just curious, is there a custom dictionary/ignored words file located somewhere? I didn’t find anything obvious in /INSTALLDIR/lib/mozilla/dictionaries or $HOME/.komodoide.

Help appreciated. Thanks.

File an enhancement request for this.

Thanks, will do.