How can I stop the LH debug pane always popping up?

I have a number of Perl programs that are developed and work fine. I run these daily. But I can’t get them to run on Komodo (12) without the LH debug pane always popping up, even with the “Run without debugging” menu option. I appear compelled to have the RH debug IO pane to get an interactive dialogue (STDOUT/STDIN) with the program. Given that I run programs 98% of the time, and only develop them 2% of the time, a presumption that I always want to debug something is an irritation. How can I get rid of this LH debug pane?

I normally use Eclipse/EPIC, where the default is the reverse; that is, to run programs and invoke debug mode only if wanted. I thought I would try KomodoIDE given that Eclipse is quite heavyweight.

@Dimathman, you can try run in-line cmd which is mapped to meta + b on OSX and ctrl + b on Windows and Linux. That bypasses the debugging system all together. This should also technically run your script faster since it’s not getting the debugger system overhead.

You could also use a Toolbox run command:

What you’re currently doing opens the debug pane to show you the output of the script. I’m not aware of a way to prevent that.