How can I "pull" a remote file instead of push?

Hello, I just bought Komodo IDE 8.5 for my website.

The Publishing feature is very usefull, I can upload (push) my files and save my local files too easily, but I can’t find the way to download a remote file, where is the “Pull” button?

Thank you for your comments

It sounds like you simply want to modify files on a remote server, for this you could just open a remote directory by opening your Places pane (left sidebar), pressing the gear symbol and choosing “Open Remote Directory”.

For more advanced remote file management functionality you should consider an FTP client such as Filezilla. Komodo does not seek to replace a full fledged file manager.

Ok, thank you, I currently have a little team for develop the website, sometimes they edit any file and I need to download that edited file to work on it, I don’t want to modify files on a remote server.

I think is a good idea to have a download button, just like Dreamweaver.

I bought komodo for the publish system, I wanted stop using Dreamweaver, its sad to know I can not download files :frowning:

Note if you use publishing you will be able to technically “Download” files, as it will do a sync between local and remote. If you have no local modifications it would essentially “download” the remote files (that were changed).

For more info see

This feature is not working correctly when I delete a local file or someone create a new remote file, the synchronization doesn’t show/download these files.

The server has too many files and is too slow to synchronize the whole site, to download a single file.

I really appreciate your answer.

If you have already completed a synchronization between your local machine and remote machine then Komodo will, from then on, only sync changed files. You won’t need to sync all the files again unless you delete them all from one of the transfer (eg. your server or locally)

Could you give more details on your last response? That is a bug and should work. Where are you seeing this? Are you getting any errors? Could you add some screenshots to help us understand what you’re seeing? Publishing should handle this use case easily and is what it was designed for.

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I was checking the synchronization, you are right, komodo downloads the server files if they are created or modified.

Thank you so much, you are doing a great job guys!