How can I disable popup notifications?

I’m using Komodo IDE 9.2.0. Is there a way to disable the popup notifications? They’re kind of intrusive - I would prefer the notification pane. I don’t want to disable notifications, which I know I can do in Preferences, just the popup interface.

Also, on my system the popup ui is randomly garbled. Many times the popup winsow itself is invisible, you just see a distortion suddenly moving through the editor. Other times it’s just a white box (below). It was a while before I actually saw the correct form and new what was going on.

Help appreciated, thanks.

Also, if this can’t be done, and there really needs to be a mechanism that gets your attention, such as when the notification pane is hidden, I would suggest a a less intrusive interface, such as a small indicator in the lower status bar.

Have a look in Preferences under “Notifications”. It’s an advanced panel, so be sure “Show Advanced” is checked. I believe unchecking the boxes there will disable the pop-up without affecting the output to the notification pane. (If I’m wrong, I’ll be corrected shortly :wink: ).

Also, on my system the popup ui is randomly garbled. Many times the
popup winsow itself is invisible, you just see a distortion suddenly
moving through the editor…

What OS are you running on? If you’re on Linux, which desktop environment and windows manager are you using?

FYI, there is a bug logged for this for certain Linux configurations. Feel free to comment there if it appears to be the same issue.

That works, thanks! I thought I had tried that and it had suppressed the items in the notification pane, but I guess I was wrong. So I’m assuming now that those prefs are all for the popup - great.

As for the UI issue, I’m running Komodo on Scientific Linux 7.1 (based on CentOS) and accessing it via SSH and X11 forwarding from a Windows machine using MobaXterm 8.0 which I believe is Cygwin-based. I’m not sure exactly what the WM is in that case. Anyway, my setup is weird and probably not supported, but YES I can reproduce the issue you mentioned, so I may have the same issue. Furthermore, rather than SSH I went straight the to my VM to get the native UI (via Windows Hyper-V) and in that case ($DESKTOP_SESSION=gnome-classic) the issue does not occur. The test macro shows a good popup box, not the bad black box. So as they say in that issue, it only seems to happens for certain WMs.

You are not wrong :slight_smile:

I’m really surprised that ActiveState thought it would be a good idea for Komodo Edit to generate popup notifications for syntax errors by default. Syntax errors occur temporarily while editing so popups kept rolling up on my screen. Very distracting and superfluous use of notifications.

The idea is that you can see what the issue is without having to hover over the line. Syntax checking only occurs a few seconds after you stop typing, so this should not happen while you are typing.

You can increase the delay under Preferences > Syntax & Spell Checking.

This would work if people type out finished code line by line but do people code like that? My workflow tends to be more block oriented. I tend to iterate over a block of code, typically a method, until it’s finished. So I have syntax errors that are not immediately getting fixed (it’s not worth fixing them while the code is taking shape).

I think the most disruptive example of this is when code intel gives a completion list of members that is more than a few elements long. After couple seconds into finding the member I need, the whole completion list goes away because the notification takes precedence.

I like the notification popup, but it renders code intel unusable for me.

Is there a way for them to coexist?

There is, a bug for this issue is tracked here:

Unfortunately that does not help you right now. For now you’d have to disable the notifications if this affects you often (or increase the syntax checking delay).

Ah. I’ll just disable notifications until a fix is found.

Thanks Nathan.