Hosting my own local collaboration server

Can I create my own local (LAN) collaboration server?

Oooh, interesting idea! My team at work could be very interested in playing with something like this…

You totally can! Install dropbox…Just kidding :wink:

Currently, no, this isn’t possible but it’s an interesting idea. I just emailed the team to discuss what would be possible around this, if anything.

I’ll let you know whether or not we decide to add this idea to the roadmap. Ping here if I forget.

  • Carey

@careyh Thanks for the consideration on this.

A couple of situations where I can see where this would be useful: teams working on networks behind firewalls configured to not allow access to ActiveState’s servers supporting Komodo’s collaboration capability, or where the nature of the work (e.g., code for sensitive projects) is such that use of a local collaboration server would be more appropriate.

Also local servers are faster than remote ActiveState servers :wink:

Pinging you @careyh

Haven’t discussed yet. I meant ping me if I haven’t responded in a few weeks. This would be a 9.2 or later feature if we did it.

  • Carey

That’s exactly what I was thinking. The nature of some companies and their dev teams simply cannot allow their employees to be accessing random servers outside the company intranet.

  • Carey
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Ahhm okay. Will wait.

Ping @careyh. A month has passed. Any news at it? :blush:

@careyh did you discuss the idea with the team?

Hey Defman, we have some plans on the roadmap related to collab but nothing concrete about hosting your own server. We’re toying around with ideas but it’ll likely be a few months before you see any of them come to fruition.

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I rescind my previous comment :stuck_out_tongue: . You don’t need to check in on this @defman. If we do it we will advertise it.

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