Highlights for Tab indents and Spaces for syntax differentiation

I’m just learning Python. I hope one day to become extremely good at it. Something I’ve noticed so far is Python is very sensitive to spaces and tabs.

Is there a way I can color highlight Tabs vs Spaces separately?

This way I can easily detect which is which, and where they exist.

Additionally; is there a way I can reveal tab column numbers?. Some indentation error messages will actually say “column 14” or whatever.

Thanks in advance.

I realize this is hard to visualize so here’s a quick mockup. ( probably an over kill but you get the point )
Checkout the tab indents, and spaces.

Just wondering if there was an existing configuration for something similar to this. If not no bigy.

Didn’t see anything in forums about it so had to ask.

Try using Komodo’s View > View Whitespace menu to make whitespace visible. Tabs will be marked as little arrows, spaces will be marked as little dots.

Ok Cool… This is what I was looking for.

Many Thanks

Please do not mix tab and spaces , it is know to cause Reactor meltdowns.