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You may go KOMODO highlighting the words I’m looking for regular expressions, as does sublime text?

translated with google

Es posible que KOMODO vaya resaltando las palabras que busco con expresiones regulares, tal como lo hace sublime text?

Resaltar en busqueda

traducido con google

Komodo already does it if I understand you right.
As you can see I’m looking for regex (?<=4)?00

You please explain me how to do that as I write highlights search terms and reeplazar.

As you do

Press Ctrl+F to start searching.
Then press and change it to Regex.

OK thank you very much.
Just discovered Komodo and I’m learning.

Is there a guide in Spanish?

I never see any official guide for Komodo not in English so I think there is no any guide in English.

I believe it’s the same key binding as Sublime. Use Ctrl + D when your cursor is on the word you want to highlight.

  • Carey

The official guide is the Komodo docs as with any other software (EDIT: I assume they have their own docs though…). Unfortunately, no, there are non that i’m aware of that have been translated into Spanish.

There are also built in tutorials in Komodo: Help > Tutorials >

As for all the tricks that you can do in Komodo…use it and always ask us about features you want. It may already be there. If it isn’t we might add it. If we won’t add it, it could possibly be very easy for you to write as a macro (or already be a macro).

For translation to Spanish, just try Google translate.

E.g. open this URL in Google Chrome and then right-click and select “Translate”.

In Sublime Text select a word I press ATL + F3 and select all occurrence in the document but puts the cursor in each of them and do multiple editing. In Komodo to do this, select the words but only one of them is editable.

I would do this with my new Komodo :heart:

We don’t use that workflow. But that would be refactoring which we do have. Right click word > Refactoring > Rename Variable. This method should take scope into account in your file. I don’t think Sublime would do that as Code Intelligence is not native to Sublime.

  • Carey