Hide whats new

How do I remove the “What’s New” window pane? It’s driving me crazy I can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of the thing and it takes up so much space.

You can hide “What’s new” in Preferences - Appearance - Show Komodo Start Page on startup.
But of course it’s hide start page. There is no option for hide “What’s new”.

So I have to stare at all that real estate wasted on a banner ad when I’m working?

Okay then. Komodo Edit, Useless. CHECK. Moving on.

Thanks for the help.

What? When you working on code, you don’t see this banner. You see this banner only when you open Start Page of Komodo Edit/IDE.

I think there is some confusion as to what your referring to - could you take a screenshot to help show your issue?

Resolving due to inactivity.

Just to confirm, switching off ‘show Komodo start page’ in ‘Preferences - Appearance’ does switch off the ‘what’s new’ panel along with the rest of the start page.

The start page was removed in Komodo 9. Now if you open Komodo without any tabs (files) opened - you’ll see a new page which allow you to create files, open projects, etc.

For more clarity, the new “Start Page” is called the Quick Launch screen which will always appear if you have no files open. There is no spam on this screen.

There is also the Getting Started dialog now. This appears by default, with a checkbox at the bottom to “Show at startup”. You can also show it through View > Getting Started. This is where the What’s New information appears as well as links to screencasts, addons and Komodo documentation.

Now if only we knew what @TheTopBloke was talking about…Hopefully I covered it.

  • Carey