Help on getting Komodo V11 perl debugger going

Hi, anyone help?

Running on Ubuntu 16.04, I’ve just switched from Komodo IDE v10 to V11. When I run (F5) a perl script, the behaviour is different. It prompts me for a configuration file, that’s fine, but after that it doesn’t step through the script (I’ve set breakpoints, in fact it doesn’t appear to run the script at all, just list it).

I’m going to be simplistic by saying the perl debugger was running fine on V10 so I expected it work on V11 – but please advise what I should do to get it working on V11, or what can I check? Went back to V10, debugger works fine there.

(I’ve logged this topic under Support, assuming it’s not a bug.)

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Anthony Britton

Here is a screenshot from the Debugging Options screen, might indicate where problem is:

You’ve taken a screenshot of the PHP debug options, but you mention you are trying to debug Perl.

The Perl debugger was not touched from Komodo 10 to Komodo 11, so it should just work unless you have a particular configuration that was not automatically migrated.

Yes that information popped up after I hit F5 (run) – and no such information is displayed on version 10.

I did look around to see how to set the default debugger or some such thing, but couldn’t see anything, and paths etc. were done for version 10 and debugger is working fine there. Any ideas what I can check in the configuration? As it stands version 11 is unusable for me.

@careyh Is there a way to manually import debugger configurations from one version of Komodo to another?

Evidently not if you are having this issue. Please double check your Preferences > Languages > Perl settings.

Also, can you try debugging on a simple hello world style script?

@Anthony_Britton, thank you for your patience. This sounds like your project level preferences might have been set to PHP. As well as what @nathanr said, please Right clicking your project > Project Preferences > Project Preferences > Debugging.

@mitchell, debugger configuration comes along in Project files if you’ve set it. I think it’s also implicitly set on individual files in a session style situation though I’m not 100% sure on that.

  • Carey

The project level preferences were set to PHP! So that’s all sorted, thank you very much.

The difference between V10 and V11 behavior may be down to me not specifically opening my project in Version 11, causing confusion. Confusion is a form of clarity, and next time I’ll be aware to check that. Thanks again!

Cool, thanks for following up!