Help improving the komodo ide


We are a company that uses perl as programming language. We are trying some ides to improve our development at time and it seems that komodo is in active development and parts of it are open source.
We want to help to improve the komodo ide, but we want to do that in an active process with other companies, so the development costs can be devided. For that reason i was trying to find a list with companies that actually working with perl in the komodo ide.
Is there a list like this? If yes, where can i find it?

Best Regards

Hi there,

Could you please clarify what specifically you are looking to contribute / share development costs in? Komodo Edit is open-source (see and much of its source is shared with Komodo IDE. So when you contribute to Komodo Edit you indirectly also contribute to Komodo IDE.

As for Perl, while Perl is of course a heavily supported language Komodo IDE itself consists of very little Perl, only the build process and other small scripts are written in Perl, but mostly the source code consists of C/C++, Python and JavaScript.

We do not have a list of companies that contribute to the Komodo source that I am aware of unfortunately. If you are interested in contributing to the development we could consider sharing some of our roadmap, or making a public roadmap that is specific to contributors.

We are testing the komodo ide at time and found some problems we need to be solved for a productive work with komodo.

The biggest problem is the code intelligence feature. For most languages like java script it works very well, but for perl it works (at least on our machines) very poor.

The last days we discussed about spending code that solve that kind of problems in the open source part. But to spend code is to spend money to open source projects and this is not our main business. That is the reason wy we want to find other companies that has the same goal. To share our costs with them.

Another way could be to open a thread in your forum.
We could describe our problems with perl in that thread and ask for help to solve it together.

I think explaining what you are seeking to do will be a good start. I’m not aware of any companies looking to do what you are suggesting, but people might be interested to help out if you detail your intentions. Additionally we ourselves might be interested in implementing the enhancements you guys are looking to add.

Ok, Thanks.

Then i will explain:

On our machines, code intelligence does not work in the following situation:

use Util;

sub {
    my $util = Util->new; # <--- Here the new method is suggested by the system. That works.


sub foo{
    my ($util) = @_;

    $util->other_method_of_util;  # Here is the problem for us. The method other_method_of_util is not suggested by the system.

Another thing that does not work is:

sub foo {
my($self) = @_;

$self->foo2; # right mouseclick -> goto definition does not work


sub foo2 {

And we need these features across files.

That is one of our problems. We did not finish our testing with the system. But this features are the first features we need.

We also need support for perl catalyst
As soon as we tested the other things that we need, i will post it here.