Haml language support for Komodo

I cannot get the Haml language installed on Komodo 10.1.3

I tried dropping the Haml Syntax highlighting xpi package found at http://community.activestate.com/files/haml-0.1.3-ko_0.xpi
It said to restart. I did and the language still doesn’t seem to be available on the languages list in preferences.

I tried the older version provided on the Haml website as well that’s provided here: http://haml.info/editors.html
This was returned: “This package is not compatible with your version of Komodo. Abort installation?”

Almost half of ruby devs prefer haml to erb. Really hoping to figure this out. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi, I tried the Haml add-on too and I get the following error:

[2016-12-19 10:41:43,143] [ERROR] console-logger: ReferenceError: pref is not defined (2) in chrome://haml/content/haml_overlay.xul:14
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "chrome://haml/content/haml_overlay.xul", line 14, in

(The traceback is truncated.)

@nathanr: was the global pref removed in the Komodo 10 changeset?

It seems the addon is not compatible with Komodo 10. I’ve logged a bug here to add HAML support for Komodo:

I actually tried fixing that, and it made no differences. I don’t know why the language isnt showing up. I see nothing in the overlay mentioning the language selection, so I assume this is handled automagically via chrome manifest categories or the like.

Haml language (syntax highlighting) will ship in 10.2. Mitchell just pushed a commit for it :slight_smile: