Group files bookmark

Hi all,

i had an idea… not sure if a good one or not :
add a “bookmark” in projects that would open a group of files.
I.E. you open “Projet Test” and in it, you see “myGoup1”, “myGroup2”…
when opening myGroup1, it would open fileA, fileB, fileC…
when opening myGroup2, it would open fileX, fileY, fileZ…

am i the only one who thinks it could be usefull ?

@careyh had the same idea :slight_smile: He implemented it back in Komodo 9:

Hum, it’s quite the same idea, except i find it “too much” to open a new workspace, komodo window… opening the files in new tabs would have been just fine :slight_smile:

The workspace can be as complicated or simple as you want it to be. If you save it with just a few files open and only one komodo window then that should be all that it restores.