Green & Red squiggly lines

I’m getting a green squiggly line in an html file. The following section apparently is the problem. If I remove the php section, it goes away. Any suggestions? I thought maybe a mouse-over or right click for a clue but no luck. I get a ton of these in some other php files.

style='background-image: url(<?php echo $static; ?>/img/user-icons/frontpage/repeat-hex.png);

Just a little further down, I get a red squiggly line.

<header role="banner" id="title-bar" >

I’ve tried different file types (HTML, HTML5 and PHP) but I cannot reproduce, neither with stable version nor with a nighltly. Is that your complete code? What file type have you chosen?

If you’re unable to see the tooltips, please open the full pane at
View → Tabs & Sidebars → Syntax Checking Status. Does it display anything?

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I set it to parse as a PHP file and the green squiggly goes away. I think it has problems understanding PHP in an html or html5 document. Thanks for the help A.varo, I didn’t realize that I could force the editor to parse as a different file type.

Komodo does not recognize PHP in HTML if you have set the file type as HTML or HTML5, as neither of those filetypes imply that PHP is present and we can’t simply check for all possible languages in and HTML file, it’d make things very slow. When you use PHP as the language then HTML is assumed whenever you are not within a PHP context (<?php ?>).