Given code auto formatting

Hi everyone !

I’ve been given a already written piece of code, but it has no formatting, ie. it has no indentation, so that’s kind of hard to read, and would be a pain in the foot to indent it line by line. Is there a way to auto-format it with Komodo ? I’ve seen such a feature in a code editor whose I don’t remember the name.

Thanks for any help !

Not with Komodo Edit (if I recall correctly) but you can possibly do it with Komodo IDE at Code → Format → … → Reindent.

Additionally, if you’re willing to invest some time you can configure a third-party tool to be launched from either Komodo.

Alvaro is correct on the steps in Komodo IDE. For Edit; this has definitely been asked before.

EDIT: The old ActiveState forums finally went away. The follow link no longer works. I’m not aware of an alternative.
A quick Google search gave me a response from Toddw in the old forums: Komodo edit Code Formatting

. Carey

Thanks for your reply. Those macros doesn’t seem to be thie ones I search. Thanks anyway.