GitHub Octicons

GitHub publicated his icons for Atom and GitHub projects.

Can somebody create icon pack for Komodo? :smiley:

I’m not working on it - but one could create an extension that added the icon set to Komodo - much like the existing Crystal or Fugue icon sets:


Okay. I’m trying to create a custom iconset. Thanks.
How i can “unbuild” crystal.xpi to see the structure?

Up. Can somebody help?)

Just change the extension to .zip and extract it.

Those icon sets will only allow you to pick the icons for your tools though, if you want to modify the icons Komodo uses (for eg. it’s toolbar) you’d have to create your own iconset the same way it’s done here -

@nathanr, okay. I’m start working and create a structure line in your links. Thanks!

Note I highly doubt that the Octicons set is varied enough to be able to cover all the icons Komodo needs, but it can work just fine as an iconset for your custom tools.

It’s not scare. If I don’t find a needed icon in Octicons - I create it by myself :smiley: