Git information?

One thing that is very impressive about Atom is that in the project tree it automatically shows the Git status of each file (e.g. modified, up-to-date, whatever). Plus down at the bottom, right-hand corner it shows the Git branch I’m on (not as important).

How can I get Git status of each file (via a different color or whatever) in the project tree?

(I installed gitbranch_extension in Komodo, but it doesn’t seem to actually do anything.)

GitBranch extension shows you current branch of your project in statusbar:
(“master” thing on the screenshot).

Komodo IDE has Source Code Control integration and it shows you current status of your files in the left pane:

  • Places:

  • Open Files:

Oddly my status simply shows - and not master. Could it be because my “project” tree is a subtree of my Git repository rather than the root? (I note that Atom handles this just fine.) How can I debug this?

I’m inviting the developer of the extension here. @neurobashing, could you say does your add-on deal with the situation described above?

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It currently looks for the project root of whatever the open file is to figure out the git info.

As you can see, this is … not ideal.

It should probably actually just look @ the current file and check it (which is what I assume Atom does). I plan to work on it again over the holiday; I’ll move that to the head of the line.


I had the same problem with gitbranch_extension. My code folder is a directory under my project. I set it as the project base directory but that broke the extension. I fixed it by having the extension look at project.liveDirectory instead of project.url.

You could possibly set your project base directory to point to the root of your git repo and then modify the extension. If you think that’ll solve your particular problem and you’d like the code, I created a pull request to the github repo here.

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merged, i’ll cut a release tomorrow.