Git diff problem: lines contain Japanese (Unicode) characters are recognized as "changed"


I am using KOMODO IDE 9 & 10 with a project that uses git.

In both of KOMODO IDE 9 & 10, all lines contain Japanese (Unicode) characters are recognized as “changed”. It seems that Japanese (Unicode) characters are garbled and thus recognized as changed.

I am on Japanese version of Windows 10. The source code is in UTF-8 encoding.

  1. Is there any possible solutions using external git? Is there any good alternative diff for Windows?

  2. Is this problem solved in the latest KOMODO IDE 11?

Thank you.

@khcoder, It sounds like this ticket:

But none of the screenshots are loading from the forum post that sparked that ticket and that SHOULD have gone into K9.

There’s a free trial for 11 so feel free to try it.

  • Carey


I tried KOMODO IDE 11 and get the same problem.

I reported it as a bug here:

@khcoder, thanks for reporting.