Getting started with code intelligence


I’m trying to write my first extension for Komodo Edit. I created the templates using koext and I have basic syntax highlighting working. For code intelligence though, for every key press I get this under ‘Notifications’:

CodeIntelError: got unexpected style inlvls.param’: 31 [‘SCE_UDL_SSL_DEFAULT’, ‘default’]`

and for ‘Ctrl-J’;

No preceding trigger point within range of current position.

I have not edited or yet.

My question is, how can I debug by extension (or add-ons?)? I don’t know who is generating those warnings/errors. Apparently not the add-on itself. I’m rather stuck at this point since I cannot find a basic tutorial or getting-started guide that will explain the development of add-ons.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

I would recommend waiting until 11.1 is released before working on any CodeIntel addons, the current SDK is legacy and will be replaced in 11.1.

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your reply.

I won’t be doing any serious development yet. I’m just getting started and learning the basic structure of CodeIntel. Could you at least give me some hints to help resolve the current issue so I can continue to make progress? If even the templates for and are not expected to work properly yet, then I will just wait until 11.1.

Thanks again.

They should work but any progress you make on them will not apply to Komodo 11.

@mitchell can you advice?

Hi, both errors stem from the fact you haven’t added any code to your codeintel Python files yet.

The first error, “got unexpected style”, comes from the lack of a declared language (m_lang, css_lang, csl_lang, ssl_lang, or tpl_lang).

The second error, “no preceding trigger point”, comes from the lack of a routine that scans backwards from the current position and returns a codeintel trigger.

Once you add the necessary code to your codeintel Python files, these errors should go away. I would recommend taking a look at other Komodo addons that supply code intelligence for languages to get an idea of what it takes to add.