Generate cix from class doc blocks

How i can generate cix file from dock blocks on php classes?



class Test {
     * Execute a block of code
     * @see otherfunction
     * @param string $p The name of your favorite band
     * @return string
    public function rock() {
        return 'i gonna rock, rock!';

Curious, but why do you want to generate CIX (as CIX is an internal Komodo code intelligence format)? Was it to create a Komodo API Catalog?

Yes, i have a php framework and do not want comment the class files for among of reasons.

With cix i have code intelligence without single comment on my class files!

Why not just let Komodo scan the php files (instead of creating a CIX file from the PHP)?

Or, create PHP stub files (classes, functions, etc…) that Komodo will scan and thus provide completions for.

Example of such files:

Thanks for all replies!

Like i said i do not want comments on source code. I want create a CIX because i can use it to intellisense without any comment block in my files.

A cix file and the PHP stub file do the same thing (neither requires comment blocks in files to provide intellisense).

The stub file is much easier to create, so I would recommend using a PHP stub file… give it a try and I think you’ll see what I mean :smile: