GAE Google App Engine SFTP

I’m very new to Komodo and I’m giving it a shot. GAE requires a key and setting up Komodo SFTP only seems to give you the option to use a password. Is there anyway around this? And hack to make it work so I can’t SFTP to GAE.

What platform are you using? The procedure is different depending on the OS you’re running.

Here are the SSH-Key setup steps for Komodo on Windows.

For Linux and Mac you just follow regular SSH key setup procedure. Make sure you run ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/id_rsa.

Komodo will then automatically attempt to use the configured key.

  • Carey

I’m on OSX. I’m not really sure how to proceed passed this point. Appreciate any steps/help you can provide.

Thanks in advance!!

Doh! Well, if you want to try out Komodo 9 you can now manually specify a key to use in the server setup. I KNEW I had forgotten something.

Otherwise you will use the ‘ssh-add’ command to add your key and passphrase to your system and Komodo will use it automatically. If you scroll down in the docs I linked in my previous post there is actually instructions for Mac there as well.

Let us know if that doesn’t make sense still.

Getting closer, to a degree, I think. Error: ‘Remote SSH server does not allow password authentication. Allowed types are: u’publickey’’

This is after selecting a key.

Forget my last post, this worked perfectly when I put in the correct username.

Thanks so much for your help!