FTP, SCP always say remote is changed

When the remote time is ahead of the local time by a minute or two, Komodo IDE synchronize always says the remote file has changed, and wants to download thousands of files. Individual synchronizations don’t work because it detects the remote change and won’t update the remote.

I had the problem on my dedicated server and just changed the server to use NNTP, but I have a shared server, too, and I can’t set the time on that one. I wound up having an FTP app running all the time to update the files manually after I change them. Is there a real solution for this?


Interesting - I would have thought that the local time of the machine does not impact the publishing functionality - as Komodo remembers the (timestamp, filzesize, permissions) of the remote file (according to the remote server) and compares that the next time to see if it changes. Komodo’s publishing does not compare local filesystem timestamps to the remote ones.

Are you sure nothing else on those files (like permissions) has changed?


The only difference I can see is the time stamp. I edit a file at 2:00, upload it, the timestamp on the remote is 2:07. If I try to save it again, it says “remote file has changes”. If I load the Publishing tool, it says all of the files I have uploaded are changed on the remote, and wants to download them all. Any file I actually changed locally says it has a conflict, and I have to choose which file to save. Only on my shared hosting machine. On the dedicated server it works fine.


I’m going to run a test this evening. I will delete all of the files on the server, and use the Publishing tool to upload them. If I make a change it should send the file, and if I choose the publishing tool again, it should say there are no changes.


I can confirm a similar behavior. If I run sync between the remote and local the first time, the file will publish. In the event that I am working on a file on our development server that another developer has been uploaded via SFTP, I will get a conflict, even if the diff returns that the file contents only contain the line that I changed. I am using Komodo IDE 8.5.3 and have also tried with Komodo IDE 8.5.4 nightly from the Windows build dated May 1, 2014.

To keep it interesting, I changed to a different type of shared hosting - GoDaddy cPanel shared hosting. More like a virtual server, I guess. FTP doesn’t work any better, but I have ssh, so I can use SCP to sync the files. That does work, but then that has never failed when it was possible to use it. The bottom line is that I don’t really need FTP, so I’ll quit whining about it, but I can guarantee it doesn’t work correctly in my IDE.