FTP Refresh


I am connected to a remote server.

How do I refresh the changes. I changed two files from another ftp and and the changes are not reflecting files open in Komodo.


Please explain where you are expecting to see the changes reflected in Komodo? Are you talking about the sidepane?

in the File

So I made changes to styles.css using other application to make sure that it would reflect in KOMODO, but could not find a way to refresh the app or the file in komodo to see the change. I was able to see the change in other software but not in komodo.

So how do I refresh the file to see the change applied to it?

Komodo will not update a dirty file if it was changed remotely. Ie. if you open style.css in two apps and modify it in Komodo (without saving) and then open it in another app and modify it, Komodo will not show your changes made in the other app as it would override your local changes.

Does that sound like what might be happening?

If not, does closing and reopening the file in Komodo update its contents?