French users here?


I would like to translate the documentation into french language,

it’s an idea to moment.

Does we support different languages for our docs? @nathanr

Not at the moment, but it wouldn’t be too difficult to add. It would be an immense job to translate and then maintain though …

Maybe with flags for differents languages for differents parts??

Definitely possible. Are you really up for the task though? This could easily take weeks …

i think i will begin with an repository on git and save some files.

The komodo-documentation repo is not what the docs using I think. IIRC it uses a private repository.

Correct, you can request contribution rights on our docs site though:

Login at the top right, then request contribution rights.

Note that this is only intended to help fix up our documentation, do not start translating our documentation then and there as you would be modifying the current English pages themselves.

Also you should have a GitHub account with public e-mail address.