Format specific reserved word (PHP)?

Hi people! Is it possible to format a specific reserved word of PHP? For example, I would like to format the open/close with red, just these:
<?php (…) ?>
For the Komodo Edit 9.0 these “reserved words” are operators, but I don’t want that they are formatted like the operators…

Can I change this? How?


It’s a function of how the PHP syntax highlighting mode tokenizes the content of a PHP file, so – short of writing your own PHP mode for Komodo – it isn’t something you can customize. I ran into this the other day in dealing with something else within PHP source files and color schemes, and had the same feeling: I’m not crazy about those tokens being highlighted as “operators”.

I’ve logged this as an enhancement request:

Wow! I’m not only crazy person!!! :smile:

So, let’s wait for this improvement, I hope that they can understand us…

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