Force Publish to push (even if it doesn't want to)

When Publishing, would it be possible to force Komodo to push (or pull I suppose) when Komodo doesn’t want to? When there’s a conflict on the operation, Publish will allow you to specify push or pull. Could that functionality be available at all times?

I’ve had need to do this several times when needing to work from home (sick kid). I’ve used my Komodo IDE at home to work and publish files to a server, but when I return to the office, my Komodo IDE there thinks the files on the remote server are all new and won’t allow me to publish my work. Now, I’ve fixed this by deleting the appropriate file in the “publishing” folder, but still, it would be nice to override what Komodo thinks ought to happen without doing that.


Have you considered using git or github as your version control system this will allow the syncing of files for different locations.

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Yes, and I do use git locally. However, I’d like to try and solve this within the context of the Publish extension.

Hi @furnox,

Please file an enhancement request for this:

This currently isn’t possible with the existing tools.

  • Carey

Thanks @careyh.

Filed as issue #924.

Thanks for doing that @furnox.

  • Carey