Fonts are too small or too large

I am running Deepin Linux, which is based on Ubuntu and when I run Komodo, the font size is 10pt. SO I increased it to 14pt, but now the bar that shows line numbers is too big and it cuts off at 3 characters. So that means anything over 999 is cut off. I can’t see anyway to increase the size of the line count area.

If anyone can suggest how to resolve this it would be appreciated.

Running Komodo Edit 8.5


Komodo 9 will automatically resize the linenumber margin as needed, I would suggest giving the Komodo 9 pre-release a try.

Closing the file and re-opening should reset the margin size.

Another workaround is to toggle the line-number margin by pressing Ctrl-Shift-4 twice (menu item View > View Line Numbers).