Folding and bookmarks are lost across sessions

I am a new user of Komodo and I am still learning some aspects of using it, but I am confused that code folding and bookmarks are lost across sessions. I mean, I close Komodo then I reopen it later and it reopens the files I had been working on previously, which is expected since it’s a project, but also because it is a project I expect Komodo to “remember” my code foldings and bookmark settings. Komodo does not, those are all lost, and I find that disappointing. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

I checked the project file in the project folder and noticed that the modified date was considerably older than the time when I had used the project for the last time. I found the Save Project command, saved it manually, closed and reopened, but the folding and bookmarks were lost again. Again, maybe I am doing something wrong. Can someone please enlighten me?

Morning @Luc,

This is a known issue: Bookmarks don’t persist after file close · Issue #3901 · Komodo/KomodoEdit (

Unfortunately, there isn’t likely to be a fix coming for it.

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