Flask autocomplete Komodo ide 11


I upgrade my Komodo ice 10 to latest 11 but autocompletion for flask class function etc… seems not to work…
start new file named app.py setting as python3 languages, setting the right path for pip, interpreter and site-packages… (I previously installed flask and all dependencies with pip3 install flask…)

when start typing … from flask import Flask

both “flask” and “Flask” do not show up…

maybe it depends on the fact that those function are C implemented and Komodo IDE will not pick up C functions in Python libraries. and only process functions defined in Python.???

can u confirm me this?? and maybe that in some future upgrade Komodo ice will have the ability to autocomplete flask framework??

Thanks in advance



Hi, if the flask module is written in C and the Flask function(?) is also implemented in C, then Komodo will not be able to show completions. If they are Python modules, then please ensure you add them to Edit > Preferences > Languages > Python/Python 3 > Additional Python Import Directories.


as @mitchell says below, you’ll have to configure your Komodo project to use your virtualenv (or whatever) to find the Flask stuff to make autocomplete work. You’ll need to do this for every new venv you create.


thanks for your reply…
it seems I set the ice correctly the is my file preferences setting:

and these are some shot in the editor while coding some python character:
ok complete while typing “from” keyword…

starting typing “f” the completes with the followings… no flask module appear…

and when typing the rest of the word the code completion goes away… completely

i evened read that the flask framework is written in python so it would have to be included in the code completion of KOMODO IDE…

any help would be appreciated…



Hi, did flask code completion work for you in Komodo 10? If it did not, then it will not work in Komodo 11 at this time.


no it did not work in Komodo 10 too