Fix "RUN", simplify it by default

Just bought the IDE for Python development.

For the life of me, I have no idea why there is not a simple ‘run’ function in this IDE. Even bigger packages like Eclipse have this. You look at almost every other platform and they have a run button that automatically runs all the lines in your file, or a shortcut like ctrl+e that executes your selection in the console.

I had to customize like so to get a reasonable run function:

But why, oh why, would this not be the default? Please make the current “run” optional, and have a default run button that is 1-click…

Debug - Run without debugging is not what you need?
Also I think developers doesn’t change current Run command because a lot of people like it. Other people can use your macro. Also it would be better if you add your macro to Resources:

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The Debugging > Go/Continue menu is normally what you’ll use in Komodo IDE (F5 on Windows/Linux) to run a script.

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⇧⌘> for Mac.

Ctrl + R: %python %F
Use the Python 2 (%python) interpreter and run currently active files path (%F).

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