Firefox in HTML and Komodo

So, this is obviously about as out-there, blue-sky as you can get, but:

So via, and other places, Mozilla wants to re-implement Firefox in HTML. They’d make everything we think about the Mozilla platform today go away - XUL, XBL, etc.

On the one hand, yay, pure web stack for everyone! On the other … That pretty much rules out xulrunner apps like Komodo. There’d be no xulrunner!

Thoughts, anyone? Would Komodo morph into something like that other editor that uses Web stack tech? Would Activestate fork the xulrunner stack?

Like I said, this is monstrously hypothetical: I get that Mozilla has more than a lot of thinking left to do before it can make real headway on an effort like this; I get that Activestate can’t just randomly announce future plans based on hypotheticals. Trust me, I get it.

But as a “thought experiment” …

Definitely something we’re aware of and have been aware of for a looong time. For the immediate future (next couple of years) this is not a reason for concern, but long term it definitely spells the end of XUL and therefore a major dependency of Komodo.

As said though we have been aware of this for quite a while and while I don’t want to share too many details about our plans I will say that it is not a reason for concern for us and it shouldn’t be for you either :slight_smile: We will rise above XUL just like Firefox will.

They’ve implied they’re at least a couple years out and seem to want to make it work with Servo, not Gecko.

The thing that bugs me about all this, specific to apps like Komodo and that other web stack editor is my own personal design taste: I think Komodo gets it the most right by extending a component (Scintilla) with JS, rather than implementing it all from first principles. I love reading their blog but watching them struggle with performance stuff that every other editor has sorted out already is painful.

Yeah rest assured that we are happy to learn from other peoples mistakes :stuck_out_tongue: