Finding function definition in open files

I’m fairly new to Komodo Edit and I frequently edit files directly on the server for small tweaks or small one off scripts.

When doing so, Komodo Edit is unable to “Go to Definition” for functions outside the current file. I assume this is because I’m not tied to any specific project or file set. However, another commercial PHP editor I want to replace with Komodo will also search any files open in the editor for function definitions. Similarly for presenting a list of arguments for functions, the list would be read from the function definition in open files.

I realize this could be dangerous if you have multiple files open from multiple sites with the same function name… but it would be nice to at least have the option.

As I said, I’m new to Komodo Edit so maybe this does exist and I missed it?


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I have a same bug. Any ideas to fix it, @toddw, @nathanr?

This is not something Komodo can easily offer at present - though symbol searching is something we are looking at adding to Fast Open for Komodo 9.

The closest feature is the Komodo IDE Code Browser - which can be set to show all open files, and can be used to search and narrow down a function scope.

Else, generally you’ll want to use a Komodo project (which will automatically set the include path) or manually set the include path in Komodo’s preferences… but for remote files (and one-off’s) this doesn’t work (as the surrounding files are not accessible).