Find & Replace Tab closes

Is there a way to keep the Find & Replace tab/window open? When I alt/tab to another window or program the find box disappears, its really frustrating.

Prefs > Find > Pin Find Frame.

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Thanks for your help!

Agreed that this is frustrating. For example, if you need to copy in the string to replace then the default behavior is frustration. It’s also not easy to figure out how to fix the problem and I spent a while on it. It might be worth considering changing the default behavior. Thanks for making a great product!

The default behaviour has indeed changed for Komodo 10 :slight_smile:

@nathanr can we still set it to the current behaviour in preferences?

The new UX is not simply a change of the default pref. The way it works in 10 the find frame will close when you start a search, but otherwise remains open.