Find popup disappears on Esc but focus doesn't return to editor

In older versions of Komodo Edit, once one was finished with Find next or Find Previous in the , one would hit Esc and the focus would return to the editor. With the current popup (which I need to pin because of a problem with Linux), when I Esc out, I still need to either click with the mouse or use the keystroke for Focus on Editor before I can continue editing.

Can someone that is also on Linux see if they can reproduce this? On Windows my focus goes back to the editor when I Esc out of the find frame. I do have Pin Find enabled.

  • Carey

When installing 9.3.1, I get a message:
install: warning: It appears that either your system does not have gtk-2.0 installed, or your system’s version of gtk-2.0 is not up to date.
Komodo requires version 2.24 or greater. Please update gtk-2.0. While Komodo will still install correctly, it may not run.

I seem to remember getting that message for my 9.3.0 installation. I went through everything I could think of to update gtk-2.0, and I seem to remember seeing that I had version 2.24 before installing. Maybe that’s the problem. I couldn’t find clear (or easy enough, I guess) instructions for updating gtk-2.0.

Anyway, this may be the problem. My 8.5 is working fine.


That’s possible but I don’t think so. That’s message is just a warning. If Komodo runs then you’re fine. It is running right? And you are still experiencing the Focus issue?

ADDENDUM: Can you please make sure you’re installing 9.3.1? You can confirm the build number in Help > About Komodo. Should be Komodo IDE, version 9.3.1, build 88153.

  • Carey

The find issue is resolved in 9.3.1, as per this bug:

I hadn’t installed 9.3.1 because of the error message during install, but I went ahead as per your advice, and the install was successful and the focus returns to the editor when I Esc out of the popup. Thanks for your patience!