Find in files does not honor files to be excluded


The ‘Find in files’ does not honor the value in the ‘Exclude’ field if the extension is longer than (4)

e.g.: .svn;CVS;.git;.hg;.bzr;*~;.bin;.xml;.npp;.clpprj;.json will still search in files with the extension .clpprj

Is this a know bug ?

Kind regards

Are you sure you didn’t mean to enter *.clpprj? The current entry would only exclude files with the exact name .clpprj.

well .bin and .xml files are excluded so i assumed that I did it correct :smile:

Just did one more test by addoing *.clpprj and that works … strange :smile:

Weird, THAT sounds like a bug to me. I just tested that and I’m seeing the same thing as @rabol. I’ve filed it here:

  • Carey