Find dialog in IDE 9 not auto-filled

I am comparing the 8.5.4 version which I use now with 9.0 and noticed that in 8.5.4 when I place my cursor on a word and invoked the find dialog that it is pre-filled with that word. In version 9 that doesn’t occur anymore. This was a feature that I use constantly (who wants to drag the mouse over a word in order to search for that word). Is there a configuration that I can use to re-store the old action?

This still works fine for me, what are the steps you are taking to initiate a search?

I do a single click on the word that I want to search for and then use my hot key to invoke the find dialog. I am now getting something slightly different (embarrasingly) - it is pre-filled with an older search I did and not using the word I selected. I am using Komodo 9.0.0, build 87165, platform linux-x86_64. I find that if I double-click to select the word it of course pre-fills the find term. I guess this is too minor to be something to fix - I will have to learn a new behavior is all. Just thought you might like to know.

Not at all, it’s a regression and we will fix it.

Is this being tracked in an Issue? I can’t find it if it is.

It is now put as an issue in github Find dialog in IDE 9 not auto-filled.

Saw that, thanks for that @wdbaker54.

  • Carey