Find character by its code in Find/Replace dialog box

Something like \u0030 can be used in a script.

How can a character be found by its code in the Find/Replace dialog box?


I think I need more info. I just search for the encoding sequence and Komodo finds it.

Could you provide more details of exactly what you’re doing?

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Hi @careyh

Please have a look at the attached image. Thank you!


In a script this is ok:



@surfactant, thanks for clarifying. I did some digging and I don’t think this is possible. I’m assuming you’re doing this to search for more obscure characters than A and B. The only work around I can come up with is using what ever quick method exists on your computer to input a unicode sequence into whatever field you’re typing in, in your case, into the Find field.

On Linux it appears to be easy: Ctrl+Shift+u then the sequence.
On Windows it appears to be a bit of a pain. Hold Alt then enter the Decimal representation of the Unicode hex number.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong in the Windows case but that’s the quickest way I could enter a unicode sequence and have it decode to it’s character in any Komodo input area.

Sorry I couldn’t get you the answer you were looking for!

  • Carey
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Hi @careyh Thank you so much for your elaborate solution!

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