Filter Bottom Pane Debug Output Tab for specific messages

Is there a way to filter or search the Komodo Bottom Pane Debug Output Tab stream for error messages?

Hi @wblake, Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can copy all the output into another file to search by right clicking on the output though.

  • Carey

Thanks again, careyh.
I will experiment with the “Debug in Separate Console” and printing output to a text file for a “find all.”
So far things are going very well with Komodo, the Perl SOAP::Compile library much better suited to my project than the SOAP::Lite I still get the yaml file error on startup, though.

I will look to connect the Komodo Perl project to an existing Database and post again when I get stuck.

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Run Command Parse Command Output does what I want. This is pretty cool.

@wblake aren’t you trying to do this in the Debugger? Did you mean the Command output tab? Then yep, that’s what you’re looking for if you’re using a Run Command but it won’t work during debugging.

Yes, as the code stabilizes, it can run more like a script via Run Command. Thanks.

Ahh true enough. Well that’s awesome this’ll work for you.